How much rent could you earn?

  • Calculate the rent your home could earn
  • Compare to similar properties in your area
  • Justify your asking price to potential tenants
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HOMI – Rent estimator

The HOMI rent estimate is a calculation of the fair market value for the rent of your property. Using our proprietary data, we look at properties similar to yours that are currently on the market or have been recently rented. The estimate is just a starting point — your property’s unique condition and amenities are some of the factors that may contribute to its fair market rental value.

Your rent valuation – How does it work?

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1. Enter property information

You enter some basic information about your house or apartment.

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2. HOMI calculates market value

We use the information to calculate the market rent that interested tenants would be willing to pay.

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3. Receive your result

After the value analysis, you will receive online access to your free property valuation by email.


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Attract more tenants

Tenants will research similar properties before making a final decision. They know when they see a good opportunity at a reasonable price. If you set a price according to the market, you can attract more tenants.

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Justify your rental price

A HOMI estimate can be used to justify your asking price. It shows renters that a third-party has given their informed view based on market data.

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Avoid overpricing

Many landlords set a price far above what the market will pay. This can mean that your property remains on the market for months, or even years which can cost you thousands of euros in potential income.

Find out your home's rent value

  • Calculate the fair market rent of your home
  • See if now is the right time to rent
  • Set the right price