Sell your home with ΗΟΜΙ

  • Complete control and transparency
  • Competitive pricing
  • Apply to be listed now

HOMI – the easy way to sell

Selling your home has never been easier. You have complete control over the process and can promote your property to make it stand out from the rest.

HOMI is here to assist you every step of the way, from determining the appropriate price, through to the final contract with the buyer.

Selling with HOMIHow does it work?

1. Apply to be listed

You submit your application to the HOMI team. We study your specific situation to advise you on how to prepare your property for sale, and the price we believe that buyers are willing to pay.

2. HOMI expert

Your HOMI expert visits your property and creates a complete marketing package with professional photos, a virtual tour and a floor plan.

3. Publish online

Your property is synchronised to the major platforms in premium positions.

4. Viewings

Interested buyers book directly based on your calendar and you guide them through the property.

5. Management

You can manage all feedback, offers and negotiation in your HOMI dashboard.

6. Transaction support

Once you have agreed to terms with the buyer, we support your through to the final contract with the notary.


More than just listing

HOMI will never list a property just to see how it goes. We are serious about real estate and getting you the best result possible. We take on a limited number of listings in order to ensure a high standard of service.

Sell faster

Your property is priced according to current market trends so that you can attract the maximum amount of buyer interest and sell your property quickly.

Premium marketing

Together we create a unique listing that stands out from the rest, so that interested buyers can book a viewing within the first few days of publication.

Full control

You get to show your own property so that you can build a relationship with prospective buyers and get the deal that you want.

Direct communication

You get to speak directly to interested buyers via our platform. This way you reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Complete transparency

Your weekly update keeps you informed on the performance of your ad so that you can adjust your strategy.

You pay less with HOMI

At HOMI, you pay a simple fair fee starting from of €1.590 + VAT. You maintain complete control over the entire process. Buyers don’t have to pay a real estate fee, which means they have more money to make you a better offer.

What's included

Sell your home with ΗΟΜΙ

  • Complete control and transparency
  • Competitive pricing
  • Apply to be listed now

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