How to secure your rental income and achieve financial peace of mind for your rental property in under 10 minutes without hiring a lawyer

Do you need a lease contract to help protect your interests as a real estate owner?

Did you know that 6/10 deals fall through if there is a delay in the lease contract!

Here is the problem. You wait until you have an offer from a tenant before you think about putting a contract together. You download a basic template contract off the internet, but these consist of very general terms and fail to adequately protect you if something goes wrong. Or you call your accountant or lawyer to put together a lease agreement. But delays in sorting a contract can lead to the deal falling through. This is the number one mistake that you can make when it comes to the lease contract. You need to be prepared ahead of time so you can put pen to paper promptly once you have ironed out the details.

If you don’t do this, your bank account will suffer as you could lose great tenants to other landlords. For example, you find a fantastic tenant who has a good job and solid references. You agree to terms and are now just waiting to get the lease contract sorted. You receive an equally good offer from another viewer, but you tell her that you’ve already rented the property. You have another four viewings organised, and you let them know that the apartment has been rented.

The next afternoon, you ask your accountant to send you a contract. You sit back and relax, happy that the viewings are over. You are happy that you found a great tenant. Your accountant is a little busy, and she does not manage to send you the contract until the following evening. It is now two days since you have come to an agreement with the tenant. You call your tenant to arrange a meeting, but he does not pick up. You send him a text message, but he does not reply. Unfortunately, your tenant is more organised and more diligent than you are. He saw several different apartments and made offers to multiple landlords. And it just so happens that he signed another lease while you were trying to get a contract sorted.

Now you are in a tricky position. You lost your tenant to another property. You rejected a great offer from another viewer and cancelled four other viewings because you thought you had a deal. You could call them and tell them it is still available. But its likely they have also moved on.

But then there is a risk that they devalue your property. They will ask themselves why your deal fell through. Could it be that there is an issue with your property? Or perhaps there might be an issue with your terms. The simple fact is that you can avoid all of this if you prepare your contract ahead of time.

Luckily, there is a solution. HOMI’s contract builder allows you to build your own tailor-made contract for your next rental. By answering a series of questions, HOMI can prepare a fair and balanced agreement ahead of time so you can sign as soon as you have found the right tenant. Electronic signatures allow you to sign the lease contract from anywhere, which means you can avoid any unnecessary delays since do not have to meet physically. HOMI secure payments technology gives you the option to accept the security deposit and the first month rent via bank card payment, so you know instantly that the money has been received. You don’t have to ask for cash in hand, nor do you have to rely on a screenshot of a bank transfer which will take days to clear.


  • Your own tailor-made contract for a fair and balanced agreement to give you peace of mind and provide a great foundation for your relationship with your tenant.
  • Digital signatures so you can sign quickly and securely in 2-3 minutes which means your tenancy is locked in, rather than delaying 2-3 days at which point the tenant finds another property.
  • 24/7 platform which accepts viewing requests and messages around the clock which means that you will never miss out on interested viewers.
  • Secure payments technology so that your tenant can pay their security deposit and first months rent quickly, easily and safely, and you can be guaranteed that the payment cleared.


Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at this.

What you get

  • Your own customised HOMI contract within 48 hours.
  • Digital signatures for lease contract initiated immediately after final terms are confirmed.
  • Secure payments technology to accept your security deposit and first month’s rent instantly.
  • Detailed property inspection report on the tenant’s move-in date.
  • HOMI guarantee to find you another tenant at no extra charge if your tenant leaves.


Normally we charge 1 month’s rent.
However, right now we are charging 2 weeks rent.

Usual price Special price
1 month’s rent + VAT
If rent is €1000 then we would normally charge €1,000 + VAT
½ months’ rent + VAT
If rent is €1,000 then we charge €500 + VAT


  • Professional DSLR photos so you can attract 50% more online viewings which means that you find a qualified tenant fast.
  • Your HOMI listing is posted across all the major platforms so you can receive up to 30x more viewings than ads from private individuals which means that you can find your next tenant fast.
  • Your own HOMI account to manage your calendar and viewing requests so that you don’t have to deal with dozens of phone calls.
  • A weekly weekly update to keep you informed on your ads performance which means you can adjust your strategy to avoid the costs of a vacant property.


  • 180-day money back guarantee. HOMI provides a 6-month guarantee for every landlord that purchases this product. If your tenant breaks their lease contract in the first six months, HOMI will grant you a full refund AND find you your next tenant for free.
  • We will give it all back, no questions asked. No hard feelings.

Create your own personalised lease contract so that you can secure your rental income within minutes of accepting an offer.